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Conditions of access and use of the website:

This section includes information on the conditions of access and use of this Web site that should be known by the user.

For all intents and purposes, Bankinplay is a trademark owned by PROFESSIONAL ANSWER S.L.

Information required for the purposes set forth in Law 34/2002 of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

  • Owner: BANKINPLAY SLU (hereinafter Bankinplay)
  • VAT: B67654384
  • Registered Office: EDIFICIO TREVISO C/ Julián Camarillo, 42 – Ground Floor 28037 (Madrid)
  • E-mail:
  • Phone number: 91.761.46.00

 Acceptance of the General Conditions:

The General Conditions outlined below regulate the use of the Bankinplay Web.

The use of Bankinplay‘s Web attributes the condition of user of the same one and entails the full acceptance and without reservations of any type, on the part of the user, of all the General Conditions that are published at the time of accessing the user.

It is therefore recommended that the user carefully read the contents of the General Terms and Conditions each time he/she intends to use the website.

Conditions of access and use of the WEB:

This section includes information on the conditions of access and use of this Web site that must be known by the user. Information necessary for the purposes set forth in Law 34/2002 of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

Use of Cookie technology:

Bankinplay uses cookies when a user browses its website. These cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and his or her computer and do not provide references that allow the user’s name and surname to be deduced.

Bankinplay cookies cannot read data from your hard drive or read cookie files created by other service providers.

Bankinplay encrypts the user’s identification data for greater security. By means of cookies, Bankinplay can recognize registered users after they have registered for the first time, without them having to register each time they visit the Web.

The user has the possibility of configuring his browser to be warned on screen of the reception of cookies and to prevent the installation of cookies on his hard disk.

To use our Web, it is not necessary that the user allows the installation of the cookies sent, however the non-installation will entail the need for the user to register each time you access a service that requires prior registration.

 Refusal and withdrawal of access to the Web and/or services:

Bankinplay, reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to its Web page, at any time and without prior notice, to those users who do not comply with these General Conditions or the conditions that may be applicable.

 Applicable legislation:

These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law.

 Legal information on data collection:

The User guarantees the authenticity and veracity of all data provided both in the request for information / budget request, filling out forms, making purchases, etc., and at any other time thereafter, being responsible for updating the information provided, so that it reflects their actual situation. The user will be responsible for the inaccuracy or lack of veracity of the information provided.

Likewise, the user grants his express consent for the processing of his personal data by Bankinplay and its incorporation in a file duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( for which the aforementioned company is responsible, in order to process his purchases correctly, provide further information about products and services, etc.

Bankinplay has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect the Personal Data it collects and is subject to automated processing.

Bankinplay is committed, in any case, to the treatment of personal data in accordance with the Law and regulations in force regarding data protection, as well as to establish the relevant confidentiality commitments with third parties to whom it transfers or allows access to this personal data.

The user is informed, in accordance with Article 5 of Law 15/1999, of the possibility of exercising his right of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition by sending a signed letter together with a photocopy of the ID card of the owner of the data, addressed to:



Address: EDIFICIO TREVISO C/ Julián Camarillo, 42 – Ground Floor 28037 (Madrid)

Phone number: 91.761.46.00

You can also send an e-mail to the following address:

 Obligation to make correct use of the website and its contents.

All contents included in this Web site are provided for information purposes only, so that in no case can serve as a basis for appeals or claims or constitute a source of rights. Bankinplay reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the contents of the Web site.

The User agrees to the correct use of the Web and utilities that are provided in accordance with the law, this legal document, and the instructions and notices that are communicated to him.

The User agrees to the exclusive use of the Web, and all its contents, for lawful and not prohibited purposes, which do not violate the law and/or may be harmful to the legitimate rights of Bankinplay or any third party, and/or that may cause any damage or harm directly or indirectly.

To this effect, the user will abstain from using any of the contents of the Web page for illicit purposes or effects, prohibited in this Legal Document, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties or that, in any way, may damage, render useless, overload, deteriorate or impede the normal use of the Web.

In particular, and by way of example only and not exhaustive, the user undertakes not to transmit, disseminate or make available to third parties information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any kind of material that: in any way is contrary to, disparages or infringes fundamental rights and public freedoms recognized in the Constitution, in international treaties and in other legislation; induces, incites or promotes criminal, denigratory, defamatory, libelous, violent or, in general, contrary to law, morality and generally accepted good customs or public order; induces, incites or promotes discriminatory actions, attitudes or thoughts based on sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition; incorporates, makes available or allows access to products, elements, messages and/or services that are criminal, violent, offensive, harmful, degrading or, in general, contrary to law, morals and generally accepted good customs or public order; is false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated or extemporaneous, in such a way that it induces or may induce to error about its object or about the intentions or purposes of the communicator; is protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without the User having previously obtained from their owners the necessary authorization to carry out the use that he/she makes or intends to make;

violates the business secrets of third parties; is contrary to the right to honor, to personal and family privacy or to the personal image of persons; in any way undermines the credit of Bankinplay infringes the regulations on secrecy of communications; constitutes, where appropriate, illicit, misleading or unfair advertising and, in general, that unfair competition; incorporates viruses or other physical or electronic elements that may damage or impede the normal operation of the network, the system or computer equipment (hardware and software) of Bankinplay or third parties or that may damage the electronic documents and files stored in such computer equipment; causes, due to its characteristics (such as format, extension, etc.) difficulties in the normal operation of the Service.) difficulties in the normal operation of the Service; THE USER, UNDERTAKES TO REFRAIN FROM:

  • reproduce, copy, distribute, make available or in any other way publicly communicate, transform or modify the Contents, unless authorized by the holder of the corresponding rights or it is legally permitted;
  • suppress, manipulate or in any way alter the copyright and other data identifying Bankinplay’s reservation of rights.
  • attempt to obtain the Contents by using means or procedures other than those which, as the case may be, have been made available for this purpose or have been indicated for this purpose on the Web page where the Contents are located or, in general, those normally used on the Internet for this purpose, provided that they do not entail a risk of damage or disablement of the Web site, the Services and/or the Contents.
  • The user will be liable for damages of any nature that Bankinplay may suffer, directly or indirectly, as a result of the breach of any of the obligations arising from the general conditions or the law in relation to the use of the Web.

  Intellectual property:

All contents of are the intellectual property of the company and are protected under national and international intellectual property laws.

It is absolutely forbidden to use the content of our website without the written authorization of Bankinplay .

It is forbidden to establish this page as a frame of others, however you can establish a link to our Internet address (url address of the website) as long as they do not relate to false, inaccurate, incorrect, misleading or confusing statements or that are contrary to law, morality or decency.

The user will be able to download the Web page in his terminal as long as it is for private use, without any commercial purpose, so he will not be able to exploit, reproduce, distribute, modify, communicate publicly, transfer, transform or use the content of the Web for public or commercial purposes.

Infringement of any of the aforementioned rights may constitute a violation of these provisions, as well as an offense punishable under Articles 270 and following of the Penal Code.


All copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the artwork, graphics, text, video and audio clips, trademarks, logos and other content available on this website («Content») are owned by or used with permission by Bankinplay.

Although you may copy any part of this website onto your own computer for your own personal use, you may not copy or incorporate any of the Content available on the website anywhere else, including your own website, or use the Content in any other public or commercial manner. This means that you may not publish or redistribute any part of our website unless we have granted you a license to do so. This also means that Bankinplay retains full title to all such Content, including any software or downloadable code, any images incorporated in or generated by the software, and all accompanying data. You may not copy, modify, reproduce, reproduce, upload, transmit, distribute, reverse engineer, disassemble or transform the Content into any other form.

 Duration of service:

Bankinplay does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the Website. When reasonably possible, Bankinplay will give prior warning of interruptions in the operation of the Website; Bankinplay also does not guarantee the usefulness of the Website for the performance of any particular activity, nor its infallibility.

Access to the Bankinplay Web has an indefinite duration; however, Bankinplay reserves the right to suspend without prior notice access to users who, in its opinion, violate the rules of use of its Web page and exercise the appropriate legal measures. Bankinplay also reserves the right to restrict access to some sections of the Web to the general public, limiting it only to specific users or group of users through the delivery of an access password for which they will be responsible.

Exclusion of liability:

Bankinplay makes every effort to avoid any errors in the contents of the Web page, but does not guarantee and is not responsible for possible errors in the contents of the Web.

Bankinplay excludes any liability for damages of any nature eventually derived from:

  • Interruption of the operation or unavailability of access to the Web site.
  • Privacy and security in the use of the Web site by the User, and/or unauthorized access by unauthorized third parties.
  • The possible transmission of elements that negatively affect computer systems.
  • The accuracy, completeness and timely updating of the contents of its website.
  • Consequently, Bankinplay does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of its Web site or content, so that the use of the same by the user is carried out at his own risk, without, at any time, Bankinplay can be held liable in this regard.

Bankinplay will not be responsible in case of interruptions of the service, delays, errors, malfunction of the same and, in general, other inconveniences that have their origin in causes that are beyond the control of Bankinplay and/or due to a fraudulent or culpable action of the User and/or have their origin in causes of force majeure. In any case, whatever the cause, Bankinplay will not assume any liability for direct or indirect damages, consequential damages and/or lost profits. Bankinplay will have the right, without any compensation to the user for these concepts, to temporarily suspend the services and contents of the Web site to carry out maintenance, improvement or repair of the same.

Bankinplay excludes any liability for damages of any nature that may be due to the lack of truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and / or timeliness of the content transmitted, distributed, stored, made available or received, obtained or accessed through the Web, nor for the content provided by third parties or entities.

Bankinplay will try as far as possible to update and rectify that information hosted on its Web that does not comply with the minimum guarantees of veracity. However, Bankinplay will be exonerated from liability for its failure to update or rectify, as well as for the contents and information contained therein.

Bankinplay is not responsible for the use that the user makes of the services and products of the Web site or their passwords, as well as any other material on the Web site, infringing the intellectual or industrial property rights or any other right of third parties.